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Washington Post Op-Ed Gives Different Perspective on Sally Ride, Her Partner, and Her Family

When Sally Ride died just a few days ago, many in the public were surprised to learn that she had been in a 27-year relationship with another woman, Dr. Tam O’Shaughnessy.

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Recent Polls Show Increase in Support for Marriage Equality

Yesterday, NBC/Wall Street Journal released a poll showing that the majority of Americans say President Obama’s support for marriage equality will not affect their vote. The poll also matches one from ABC News/Washington Post released today. In finding that a majority of Americans believe marriage should be legal for all couples in their states.

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Washington Post Perpetuates "Religion vs. Gay" Myth with Marriage Equality Story

Today's Washington Post’s story, “Obama decision on gay marriage divides local residents” inaccurately and unfairly portrays people of faith and African-Americans as being in opposition to LGBT equality.

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Associated Press to Honor Out Gay Reporter Hank Plante

On June 2nd, retired political reporter Hank Plante will accept the 2012 Stan Chambers Award for Extraordinary Achievement from the Associated Press Television and Radio Association. Plante was one of the first openly gay TV reporters in the country.

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GLAAD Calls on Media to Dispel the Myth of the Divide Between the Black Church and the LGBT Community

With the recent passage of marriage equality in Maryland, the media has begun to focus again on the supposed conflict between LGBT equality and the African American community.

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Associated Press Article Tells the Story of the Anti-Bullying Movement

The Associated Press printed an article Monday that surveyed the burgeoning movement against anti-LGBT bullying in schools across the United States — an awareness campaign that also includes the media.

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September 21, 2011

Personal Stories Give Meaning to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal

The bulk of the mainstream media really got this one right.  As "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" ends, and we as a countr

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