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#Humanum Day Two: How many ways can you dismiss gay lives?

Day Two of the Vatican's conference on "The Complementarity of Man and Woman: An International Colloquium" was even more pointedly anti-gay than the opener.

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#Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill

For the next two days, various high offices of the Roman Catholic church is holding a conference that they call The Complementarity of Man and Woman: An International Colloquium.

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#IStandSunday riles up anti-LGBT crowd in Houston with same old anti-LGBT leaders

Last night in Houston was an event that prominent social conservatives called "I Stand Sunday." Essentially the event, held at Houston's Grace Community Church, was a thinly veiled get-out-the-vote rally ahead of Tuesday's election, meant to inspire like-minds across the nation to show up at the polls and "take your country back."

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Questions we'd like reporters to ask at the Values Voter Summit

Typically, the media portrays the Values Voters Summit as little more than a right-leaning political gathering. The truth is that the Values Voters Summit has an assembled roster that deserves accountability for their actions.

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Tony Perkins applauds adoption foundation that proudly repudiates his agenda

Tony and the organization he heads both work to tell the world that certain kinds of families are wrong, certain kinds are in danger, and certain kinds of humans are unfit for adoption (and most other areas of life). Tony Perkins is waging a rhetorical assault on my family.

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AUDIO: If you believe in LGBT equality, your religious beliefs don't count according to Tony Perkins

So, in short, religious freedom only applies to Tony Perkins. That doesn't really sound like freedom to me. To be perfectly in honest, it seems that Tony Perkins is asking for special rights.

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They hate nothing more than own words: Tony Perkins debates legitimacy of fully sourced quotes

It wouldn't matter to Tony that all of the quotes are presented intact and linked out to their sources. They use the fact that they dislike and disagree with GLAAD as a way of discrediting the hard facts.

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Fox News again pretends something other than animus brings Tony Perkins on-air

But as is usually the case with Perkins, Megyn Kelly made no mention of Tony's daily denigration of LGBT people, she didn't do any sort of digging to find out what drives her guest's advocacy. In fact, she didn't even really push back on anything he said.

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If law isn't anti-LGBT, why was Tony Perkins at the Mississippi signing?

FRC president Tony Perkins was at the Mississippi bill signing, joining local lawmakers and the governor for what they considered a triumphant moment. Tony was one of the only non-elected officials to be there. He had no real ties other than the fact that he, as one of the strongest practitioners of the anti-LGBT arts.

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