March 1, 2013

Sharing the story of Coy Mathis and family - the true work of GLAAD

How GLAAD's Director of News and Field Media was inspired by the story of the Mathis family, and the role stories like this play in our culture.

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February 27, 2013

GLAAD working with 6-year-old Coy Mathis and family to tell story of discrimination

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TLDEF Announces Non-Discrimination Victory for Transgender Student

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) annouced a victory in a the case of a 12-year-old transgender girl who was excluded from her school just because of who she is.

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TLDEF Secures Policy Change in Aetna Health Care Coverage for Transgender People

This week, the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) announced a victory in a case brought by a transgender woman, Beth Scott, against Aetna, her private insurance company. GLAAD congratulates Ms. Scott and thanks TLDEF for challenging policies that unfairly deny health care coverage to transgender people.

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Transgender Advocates Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger on Workplace Transition and Finding Love

As part of our support for transgender media coverage, we talked to Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger about their careers, their work in transgender advocacy for employees, and their relationship.

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April 1, 2010

Community Mourns the Loss of Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar in Queens; GLAAD Works to Ensure Fair and Accurate Coverage

Late Tuesday night police found Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, a 29-year-old transgender woman, strangled to death in her apar
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