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Tebow at Liberty University; Fox says facts are 'bullies'

People are questioning what it means that NFL QB Tim Tebow is speaking at Liberty University - and Fox News says those questions are "bullying" him.

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February 27, 2013

Religion News Summary: Even more news on the Pope's Resignation

The Vatican has denied rumors that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was influenced by a "Gay Lobby" or network of gay bishops. Tim Tebow opted not to visit an anti-LGBT church in Dallas, Texas. A Southern Baptist Church wants to uphold the ban on gay Boy Scouts, but many Jews feel differently.

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Tim Tebow Decides not to Visit Controversial Church

Tim Tebow rescinds his decision to speak at an anti-gay church in Dallas this upcoming April. The decision comes after widespread media attention to the church's homophobic rhetoric and reflects the role professional athletes play in the LGBT movement for equality.

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February 20, 2013

Religion News Summary: Ash Wednesday, Preachers' Kids, and LGBT Catholics

This week's religion news summary has a couple tear-jerking stories: a minister tells his gay son that he's thankful to be his father, and the Presbyterian church imposes ashes on the foreheads of people who feel unwelcome in the church.

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