June 24, 2014

Social Security attempts to incorporate marriage equality. Barriers still exist.

The Social Security Administration has been working towards incorporating marriage equality into Social Security benefits. States that do not recognize same-sex marriage will continue to bar access to many Social Security benefits in some cases.

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Wells Fargo Survey Shows Need For Knowledge On Same-Sex Finance Issues Among Lesbian And Gay Investors

A recent survey by Wells Fargo has shown that while a majority of lesbian and gay investors feel confident about their financial futures, many are still unaware of the tax burden placed upon same-sex couples because their marraiges are not recognized.

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November 15, 2012

Prudential Survey Encourages Financial Planners to Improve Services for LGBT Clients

A groundbreaking survey of LGBT Americans' financial health was released by Prudential Financial Inc. today, and reveals that very few LGBT Americans are getting advice catered to them from the financial services industry.

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