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Story to Watch: Proposed Bill in Tennessee to Restrict Public Accommodations for Transgender People

GLAAD urges constituents to monitor coverage of the proposed bill in Tennessee that would bar transgender people from public accommodations and calls on the media to challenge false claims that protections for transgender people are in any way harmful.

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Story to Watch: Maryland State Delegate Claims Pro-Gay Bias

Baltimore attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, who is representing Maryland State Del. Tiffany Alston, claims that the indictment of his client for alleged campaign finance violations under state criminal law is somehow related to her opposition towards a recent marriage equality bill.

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Story to Watch: NY Clerks Claim 'Discrimination'

GLAAD is asking constituents to keep an eye on the way the media is covering the story of some anti-gay town clerks in New York State.

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September 12, 2011

Story to Watch: Gay Men Violently Attacked in Utah

Reports out of Utah indicate that for the
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