Stephanie Battaglino

January 29, 2014

"The Heroines of My Life" interviews trans advocate Stephanie Battaglino

In an interview conducted by the website The Heroines of My Life, LGBT advocate Stephanie Battaglino shared her story of coming out as transgender at her workplace. In the interview, Stephanie spoke about the concerns she had as she prepared to come out as transgender. She discussed the many positive changes she has been able to bring about since her coming out, as well as the opportunities to continue working towards transgender awareness and the need for LGBT equality.

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Stephanie Battaglino: "What Transgender Day of Remembrance Means to Me..."

Since Chaz Bono's casting on Dancing With The Stars, GLAAD has been profiling prominent transgender advocates and members of the community on a weekly basis. Previously, we featured transgender advocates Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger.You can read Stephanie's thoughts on the Transgender Day of Remembrance below.

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Transgender Advocates Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger on Workplace Transition and Finding Love

As part of our support for transgender media coverage, we talked to Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger about their careers, their work in transgender advocacy for employees, and their relationship.

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