October 15, 2015

Diverse, leading non-profits unite for LGBT youth on #SpiritDay

Spanning across different cause spaces, organizations like the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood, Rock the Vote, National Center for Trans Equality, NYC Black Pride, and the world's largest youth-serving group DoSomething.org made visible their support for their LGBT constituents and folks worldwide known.

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Comcast NBCUniversal goes purple across all platforms on #SpiritDay

Comcast NBCUniversal is partnering with GLAAD for Spirit Day. Along with millions of others nationwide, they are taking a stand against bullying by sending a message of solidarity and acceptance for LGBT youth.

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The White House releases conversion therapy report and holds Q&A for #SpiritDay

The White House is joining millions of people today by taking a stand against bullying and showing its support for LGBT youth on Spirit Day.

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Morning TV goes purple for #SpiritDay in support of LGBT youth

This morning, millions of Americans woke up to turn on their televisions, and were greeted by morning news and entertainment hosts sporting purple. It was a good way to start Spirit Day off in America.

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Bisexual community leaders go purple for #SpiritDay to stand against bullying

Today, bisexual organizations across the country are joining millions of people to go purple for Spirit Day to take a stand against bullying and show support for LGBT youth.

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