South Carolina

SIGN PETITION: South Carolinian trans advocate calls to meet with sponsor of anti-trans bill

Blair Durkee, a transgender advocate, is calling on Senator Bright, the sponsor of S 1203 in South Carolina, to meet with her and others.

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South Carolina businesses speak out, as opponents try to secretly pass anti-LGBT bill

While LGBT opponents try to sneak anti-trans bill S1203 through the Senate General Subcommittee without a public vote, South Carolina businesses are standing up against LGBT discrimination

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PHOTOS: Overwhelming turnout in opposition to South Carolina's discriminatory bill

"America will not tolerate discrimination against the LGBT community nor will it put transgender people in danger without making the states that passed these laws pay economically."

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Dangerous and discriminatory South Carolina bill heads to hearing

Tomorrow, South Carolina SB 1203 will head to hearing within the state senate. This bill comes following similar discriminatory bills being passed in North Carolina and Mississippi, among others.

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Meet Britney: A South Carolinian accelerating LGBT acceptance in healthcare and beyond

GLAAD interviews Britney Nesbit, a student at The Medical University of South Carolina, working to make healthcare a safer space for LGBT individuals.

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Meet 6 South Carolinians accelerating acceptance for LGBT people

GLAAD was in South Carolina June 15-16, for the Southern Stories Summer Tour. From some of the people we met on the tour, GLAAD is proud to introduce you to six people who are accelerating acceptance in the Palmetto State.

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