Side by Side LGBT Film Festival

Melissa Etheridge and Bruce Cohen lead Madonna, George Takei, Sigourney Weaver, so many others in an Uprising of Love

More than 65 entertainment leaders are writing songs, producing videos, writing op-eds, and using their influence to spread the message of love to the people of Russia through the Uprising of Love campaign.

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MILK team presents rainbow flag to Russian LGBT people at Side by Side LGBT Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Side by Side LGBT Film Festival wrapped up on November 30 in St. Petersburg with the Oscar award winning film MILK, Gus Van Sant, Dustin Lance Black, and Bruce Cohen. The festival weathered bomb threats, evacuations of buildings, and last minute scheduling changes.

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Oscar winning MILK team attends Side by Side LGBT Film Festival in Russia, bomb threat disrupts opening

The Side by Side LGBT Film Festival opening in St. Petersburg was disrupted by a bomb threat. Attending this year's festival is the team behind the award winning film MILK. Director Gus Van Sant, Producer Bruce Cohen, and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

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Report from Russia: For IOC President, Russia is not the place to talk about LGBT non-discrimination

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee refused to meet with representatives of a coalition of Russian LGBT organizations during his Sochi visit, offering a meeting in Lausanne instead. LGBT activists in Russia see this decision as yet another indicator that the Sochi Olympics are far from being a platform to uphold and promote the Olympic values.

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