Anastasia Smirnova is a Russian LGBT voice that needs to be heard

Anastasia Smirnova, the coordinator for a host of LGBT advocacy organizations in Russia, and one of the four activists arrested in Russia, has posted a statement on her Facebook page.

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February 11, 2014

Sochi gay bar uneasy over Olympic spotlight

The patrons of the Mayak Bar are concerned about the attention the LGBT community in Russia is getting over Putin’s anti-LGBT laws combined with the international attention from the Olympics.

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LGBT activists arrested in Moscow and St. Petersburg still don't have media coverage

On Friday, groups of LGBT activists in Moscow and St. Petersburg were arrested for demonstrating. So far, the mainstream media hasn't bothered to talk to them.

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The Fair Games Project releases new PSA, aims to raise one million dollars by close of Winter Olympics

The Fair Games Project released a new PSA today titled "Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport" as part of their campaign to raise one million dollars by the close of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
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Richard Socarides of The New Yorker writes best practices for Olympic sponsors' advertising

In a piece entitled, "Advertisers' Gay-Rights Choice," The New Yorker namec companies that have remained silent and recommended ways in which they could speak out against discriminatory laws and the violence they inspire.

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Meet Pavel Lebedev, the LGBT advocate who raised rainbow visibility alongside the Olympic torch

Pavel Lebedev made the news when he ran alongside of the Olympic torch with a rainbow flag, was tackled and detained. Now you can hear his side of the story.

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VIDEO: UN's Ban Ki-moon says we must oppose arrests, discrimination of LGBTI people

United Nations' Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) general assembly, urging for action in defense of the LGBT community.

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