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Bob Newhart bows out of gig with anti-LGBT organization

Bob Newhart, the beloved actor and comedian, quietly announced over social media that he has cancelled his upcoming gig at the Legatus Summit. This follows GLAAD's post pointing out the harsh anti-LGBT agenda of the organization.

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May 21, 2013

Catholic Church sees "hopeful future" for Boy Scouts if gays included

The Catholic Church, in a letter to Scouts for Equality (SFE), states that it is "hopeful" about the future of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) even if it votes to include openly gay scouts later this week.

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Roman Catholic hierarchy non-committal on gay Scouts ban, takes a 'wait and see' approach

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting released a non-committal statement about the new proposed policy of dropping the ban on gay scouts, but retaining it for gay scout leaders.

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LGBT and allied Catholics gather in Detroit amid protest

Dignity/Detroit’s 39th anniversary celebration is being held this Sunday and anti-gay organizations, including the American Family Association, are planning to bring protesters to the anniversary celebration.

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Gay Man Rebuffed by Bishop Launches Petition for Dinner and Dialog with Roman Catholic Hierarchy

Nicholas Coppola, the Catholic man stripped of all volunteer duties after he married his husband, has launched a petition, inviting Cardinal Timothy Dolan to dinner and conversation about the relationship between the Roman Catholic hierarchy and LGBT people.

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Gay man delivers Catholic diocese over 18,000 signatures, diocese refuses to meet

Nicholas Coppola, the gay man who was stripped of his involvement with his local Roman Catholic parish, delivered 18,603 signatures to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, requesting to be restored to full engagement with his local parish. The signatures were gathered through the social justice organization, Faithful America in less than one week after launching the campaign.
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New Pope elected with record of anti-gay language

The conclave has ended and there is a new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. While many people were hoping for a new and different direction related to the Vatican's relationship to LGBT people, it does not seem to be the case.

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What does Pope Benedict's resignation mean for LGBT people?

The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict will resign due to age and health concerns. News like this tends to make people wonder what sort of change a transition like this might mean in the Roman Catholic Church. LGBT people and allies – many of whom are Catholic – have a particular interest in seeing what direction the church is heading.

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