July 29, 2009

Godcasts and Radio: LGBT People of Faith Explore Spirituality on Airwaves

From radio to ‘Godcasts,’ religious themed podcasts, LGBT people are reclaiming their voice

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July 16, 2009

The Episcopal Church Says “YES” to Ordination for Gays

On July 14, LGBT leaders in The Episcopal Church proclaimed,
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June 26, 2009

GLAAD Works With Media on Coverage of “Exorcism” of Gay Youth

When a video was posted by Manifested Glory Ministries in Bridgeport, Connecticut that feat

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June 18, 2009

Summer Heats Up with Churches Debating LGBT Issues

In the past few weeks the
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June 16, 2009

Pat Robertson Tells A Mother That Her Gay Son Is "On Their Way To Hell"

In a June 9 interview on the Christian TV program The 700 Club, Pat Robertson used his platform as a televangel
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May 21, 2009

Gallup Poll Includes Muslim Views on Homosexuality

Gay Muslims are getting an increasing amount of media coverage recently thanks to award winning documentaries like
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May 13, 2009

Surveys Reveal More Social Justice Activism in LGBT Inclusive Churches

Last month,
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May 13, 2009

Tori Amos Speaks Out Against Prop. 8

Singer Tori Amos, who is the daughter of a United Methodist minister, is disappointed with California voters for passing
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