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September 25, 2013

Pope Francis, discriminatory B&B, and Methodists for marriage equality: Religion News Summary for 9/25/13

Reactions to Pope Francis' comments, a summary of where the Methodist church is right now in the fight for marriage equality and Seventh-Day Adventists and LGBT rights.

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Who is the Pope to judge: This week's Religion News Summary

When asked about LGBT people following the World Youth Day Pope Francis stated “who am I to judge?” And televangelist, Pat Robinson, stated that being transgender is not a sin during an airing of The 700 Club.

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Shifting Catholic opinions, overwhelming UCC support, and religious responses to the SCOTUS decisions - this week's Religion News Summary

There have been tremendous faith responses to court decisions. Check it out in this week's LGBT Religion News Summary.

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Marriage equality, Exodus closes, and a gay Orthodox Jew gets a tattoo: This week's LGBT Religion News Summary

This week in LGBT religion: marriage equality, Exodus announces its closure, a gay Orthodox Jew gets a tattoo, and so much more.

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Southern Baptists, Call me Kuchu, and a 'gay lobby' : this week's religion news summary

From a possible 'gay lobby' in the Vatican to Uganda's tense anti-LGBT environment, this week's religion news summary has all the important LGBT religious news stories for you. Click here for the full list

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An ally speaker uninvited, Europe's first gay-friendly mosque, and anti-LGBT Brazilian evangelists: Religion News Summary for June 6, 2013

Take a look at the last week in LGBT religion news: LGBT people of faith celebrate Pride, we learn which religions support LGBT people, and repercussions for LGBT-friendly faith communities.

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February 20, 2013

Religion News Summary: Ash Wednesday, Preachers' Kids, and LGBT Catholics

This week's religion news summary has a couple tear-jerking stories: a minister tells his gay son that he's thankful to be his father, and the Presbyterian church imposes ashes on the foreheads of people who feel unwelcome in the church.

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February 13, 2013

Religion News Summary: New Pope, and Lots of Other Catholic News

This week's religion news summary has a lot of Catholic things: the Pope's resigning, another principal got fired for supporting marriage equality, and the bishops continue to wrestle with LGBT inclusion and immigration reform.

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February 6, 2013

Religion News Summary: More Boy Scouts, A Gay, Jewish Kids' Book, and the National Prayer Breakfast

This week's Religion News Summary showcases the Boy Scouts again, and the amazing religious support LGBTQ scouts, leaders and families have received.

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