Pope Benedict XVI

February 27, 2013

Religion News Summary: Even more news on the Pope's Resignation

The Vatican has denied rumors that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was influenced by a "Gay Lobby" or network of gay bishops. Tim Tebow opted not to visit an anti-LGBT church in Dallas, Texas. A Southern Baptist Church wants to uphold the ban on gay Boy Scouts, but many Jews feel differently.

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Media should not resort to sensationalized gay scapegoating in Vatican coverage

Italy's largest newspaper, has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to an internal Vatican report that discusses the "Vatileaks" scandal. However, as the story picks up steam, the headlines are focusing on one particular alleged lobby group, the "gay lobby."

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February 22, 2013

While media speculates on the next Pope, Catholics continue to support LGBT people

While the election of a pro-LGBT pope would be symbolic of the Church's recognition of the theological convictions of its people, the election of another anti-LGBT pope will do nothing to stop the growing tide of Catholic persons who recognize the inherent dignity and worth of LGBT people.

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February 13, 2013

Religion News Summary: New Pope, and Lots of Other Catholic News

This week's religion news summary has a lot of Catholic things: the Pope's resigning, another principal got fired for supporting marriage equality, and the bishops continue to wrestle with LGBT inclusion and immigration reform.

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What does Pope Benedict's resignation mean for LGBT people?

The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict will resign due to age and health concerns. News like this tends to make people wonder what sort of change a transition like this might mean in the Roman Catholic Church. LGBT people and allies – many of whom are Catholic – have a particular interest in seeing what direction the church is heading.

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Pope Blesses Champion of Uganda's 'Kill the Gays Bill'

Speaker Kadaga was out of Uganda, and not pushing the draconian legislation. She was at the Vatican. While there, Speaker Kadaga was able to have a personal audience with the Pope, where she received a blessing.

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Is Marriage Equality too Equal for Jews? GLAAD's LGBT Religion News Summary

Catholics and African-American pastors speak out about marriage. Evangelicals continue to hear pro-LGBT arguments. And Jews worry whether marriage equality is too...equal? The LGBT Religion News Summary elevates the week’s LGBT and faith related stories.

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Does Lady Gaga Represent Catholics Better Than the Pope?

France seems poised to enact marriage equality very soon, and Pope Benedict XVI is going on the offensive in an attempt to block progress for LGBT people in that country. The Pope visited France, where he used his strongest language yet to oppose marriage equality. Lady Gaga was asked about the Pope’s comments.

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September 26, 2011

Roman Catholic Church Out of Touch on LGBT Equality

The Roman Catholic hierarchy is showing how it doesn’t quite have its finger on the pulse of much of the Roman Catholic world population when it comes to the issue of marriage equality.

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