Peter LaBarbara

Anti-LGBT activist wishes the US punished LGBT people by life imprisonment, just like Uganda and Gambia

Longtime anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera is praising nations like Uganda and Gambia, where homosexuality is punished by life imprisonment. According to Peter, these nations are far better off than the United States.

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National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association: Making all reporting better

The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association wrapped up their annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, this last weekend. The organization, founded in 1990, has been a gathering point for journalists, media professionals, educators, and students to work within the news industry to increase fair and accurate reporting on LGBT people.

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Why would we silence unwittingly helpful voices like yours, Peter LaBarbera?

Peter LaBarbara should be thanking GLAAD for getting his words and ideas more attention, but instead, he calls it 'homo-Marxism."

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