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Orthodox Judaism slow to accept transgender girl

For one Orthodox Jewish transgender girl, being her true self has come at the expense of her comfort and safety in synagogue.

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Crossover Hasidic Jewish Hip-Hop Artist Y-Love Comes Out

Hip-hop artist Yitz “Y-Love” is now prepared to add another dimension to his public identity. In an exclusive interview with Out.com that broke today, Y-Love has come out as a gay Jewish man of color.
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February 22, 2012

Chaim Levin Speaks Out for LGBT Orthodox Jews

More voices are speaking out about their experiences with JONAH, a so-called “ex-gay” program aimed at the Jewish community.

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December 8, 2011

Orthodox Communities Struggle with LGBT Acceptance

The anti-LGBT “Torah Declaration on Homosexuality” endorsed by ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky is just one of many voices in the Orthodox Jewish community speaking out about LGBT people. Although Rabbi Kamenetsky claims to have about 130 signatures from other rabbis and health professionals on his document, his view is far from the only one held among his community.

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November 29, 2011

JONAH Rabbi Circulates Anti-LGBT "Torah Declaration"

He’bro founder Jayson Littman has exposed a rabidly anti-LGBT declaration, being passed around the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in secret.

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