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LGBT Catholics & allies are being unjustly fired and have asked the Pope to talk to them about it

Signed by nine teachers who have been forced from jobs at Catholic schools for identifying as LGBT or being an ally to the community, an open letter has been delivered to the Vatican by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

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The New York Times lauds Maryland's transgender non-discrimination act while New York "fails on this issue of fairness"

The New York Times editorial board commended Maryland's recent passage of a non-discrimination bill protecting transgender people, and called for Gov. Cuomo's administration to push for a similar law.

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The Buzz shows support, speaks to local trans leaders after transphobic 'Breakfast Buzz' segment

The Buzz invited leaders of the Trans Alliance of Greater Rochester and Genesee Valley Gender Variance to the station to talk about transgender people living in Rochester.

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May 22, 2014

Andrew Lippa and Kristin Chenoweth to Star in New York Premiere of 'I Am Harvey Milk'

Producers have announced that Grammy award nominee Andrew Lippa's new oratorio, 'I Am Harvey Milk,' will premiere in New York on Monday, October 6 at Lincoln Avery Fisher Hall for one night only.

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Trans advocates and allies protest discrimination outside Long Island, NY pub

Transgender advocates and allies held a protest outside The Irish Times Pub in Holbrook, NY, after an incident in which trans woman Andi Dier was allegedly discriminated against and denied admission to the bar.

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April 24, 2014

Petition for teen couple banned from prom because one of them is transgender

Petition created for Anais Celini and boyfriend Nathaniel Baez whom have recently been banned from their prom, at Martin Luther King High School, because Nathaniel is transgender.

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April 17, 2014

VIDEO: Teen couple banned from prom because one of them is transgender

A transgender student at a New York high school is being blocked from attending prom with his girlfriend because he is transgender.

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