Boe Ramírez and Germán Roa

Boe Ramírez and Germán Roa, of Rockville, MD, have been partners for over 17 years. For them, marriage is a lifelong commitment to be there for each other, in good times and difficult times. When Boe lost his job for being gay, Germán wanted to demonstrate his unconditional love and support, and proposed on Christmas morning. Now that marriage equality is a reality in Maryland, they plan to get married in front of the families that love and support them. (Available in English or Spanish)

Kelebohile (Kele) Nkhereanye & Renee Boyd

Kelebohile (Kele) Nkhereanye & Renee Boyd: Kele and Renee met in in 1989 at Nontraditional Employment for Women, an organization that trains women for careers in skilled construction. Renee is an entrepreneur, and feeds homeless LGBT youth as part of giving back to the community.  Kele is a newly ordained interfaith minister. They are a bi-national couple, as Kele is from Lesotho. Kele and Renee married at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, where they are members. Both are interfaith chaplains and members of LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent.

Alan Miles & Drew Glick

Alan Miles & Drew Glick: After 16 years together, Alan and Drew were married on July 24, 2011, in a ceremony at Manhattan’s municipal building. Alan proposed to Drew after marriage equality became law in Massachusetts, but they decided to wait until they could marry in New York. They live in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and are both 45 years old.


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