Melissa Harris-Perry Highlights Wedding of LGBT Couple

An LGBT couple whose engagement at the White House's LGBT Pride Month reception went viral in an online video were married last week in New York City.
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December 6, 2012

Photos: First Marriage Licenses in Washington!

Officials in King County, Washington began issuing marriage licenses at midnight last night to same-sex couples. Because of the state's three-day waiting period, the first weddings will take place on Sunday.

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Washington Marriage Licences Available Tomorrow for All Couples

Gay and lesbian couples in Washington can start applying for and obtaining marriage licenses at 12:01 AM on December 6. Washington Governor Christine Gregoire will certify the November 6 election results today, December 5, in order to begin the process of releasing marriage licenses to all couples.

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Anti-gay activists once again misuse the phrase 'out of context'

Just about any time an anti-gay group or individual is caught saying something that is obviously out-of-touch with mainstream America, the spin machine hops into overdrive and the messenger-shooting begins. Always, the claim is that the comments were taken "out of context."
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August 29, 2012

Five Minnesota Anti-Gay Activists' Greatest Hits #glaadCAP

Which Minnesota Anti-Gay Activist says marriage equality must be banned in order to "restrain evil?" And will the media tell Minnesota voters about it?

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