Joey Latino

Joey Latino is a Los Angeles native and resident, and married his non-US citizen Italian spouse, Danilo Loliva, in New York two months ago. Danilo has renewed his traveler’s visa twice and his current visa is due to expire in August, and so the couple is anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court's rulings so Joey can apply for Danilo's green card. Joey was adopted into an Italian-American family at an early age and is also an advocate for adoption by loving, caring parents regardless of orientation.

Cesar Hernandez-Topete and Miguel Topete-Hernandez

Cesar Hernandez-Topete and Miguel Topete-Hernandez fell in love four years ago, became domestic partners in 2012. Now they run a successful business CakePops & Co in Long Beach, California, and are working toward becoming foster parents, hoping to eventually adopt. Cesar and Miguel are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on Prop. 8, hoping to publicly affirm their love and commitment.. Marriage to them is about family.

Rev. Roland Stringfellow

Rev. Roland Stringfellow works to create dialogs on the topic of LGBTQ equality with congregations as the Director of Ministerial Outreach with the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Sexuality on the campus of Pacific School of Religion. He has conducted multiple workshops on the topics of race, religion, class and sexuality. In 2011, Roland became licensed with the United Church of Christ and The Fellowship churches, a predominately African-American denomination with an outreach to LGBT individuals. He has worked as a pastor in Indiana and California.

Rosa Manríquez

Rosa Manríquez is the mother of two lesbian daughters, one of whom married before Proposition 8 was established, grandmother, and a longtime member of the Southeast Los Angeles community.  She is also a leader in her church, Immaculate Heart of Mary. She wishes to see her two daughters married. She can talk about support in faith communities for LGBT people. Available in English and Spanish.

Sara Train and Kris

Sara Train is of Bolivian descent. She and Kris met in Honduras when both were doing a social work project for six months. They each went back to their respective states but reunited soon after in California. They’ve been together for seven years and recently got engaged. They are very much looking forward to marrying soon. Sara is Coordinator of Project SPIN, focused on suicide prevention at the  L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. (Available in English or Spanish)

Felipe Sousa-Rodríguez

Felipe Sousa-Rodríguez is undocumented and gay, a leader in the immigrant rights movement, and currently the Field Director for Get Equal, an LGBT civil rights organization. Felipe was born in the slums of Brazil to a single mother and came to the U.S. at the age of 14. In 2012, he married his partner of 4 years, Juan Rodríguez, in a beautiful ceremony in Miami, FL followed by their legal marriage in Boston, MA.

Lillian Rivera

Lillian Rivera has dedicated her career to addressing the needs of LGBTQ youth and is very passionate about how her community has been impacted by HIV/AIDS. She currently serves as the director of after-school services at the Hetrick-Martin Institute and has been with the organization for nine years. Her most important role is being mom to Olivia and wife to Elsa. She can speak on what marriage equality means to families like hers. (Available in English or Spanish)

Lilia Garcia and Kelley Brower

Lilia Garcia and Kelley Brower, of Los Angeles, CA, have been together for 7 years, and married right before the 2008 election. Lilia is executive director of a janitorial watchdog organization and Kelley is a nurse and a teacher. She has a 19 year old son named Sam. Lilia's mother cares for the couple's 2-year-old daughter while they work. Both Lilia and Kelley enjoy incredible support from both of our families. (Available in English or Spanish)


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