Marriage Equality

January 30, 2013

Religion News Summary: Boy Scouts and Baptist Sit-Ins

This week's religion news summary features the potential lift of the ban on gay participants in the Boy Scouts of America, important steps toward equality among religious communities, and the return of Ru.

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Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island Supports Marriage Equality

The new Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island has shared his support for marriage equality, as that state is considering such legislation. According to the Rhode Island Future, Bishop Nicholas Knisely supports marriage equality, and will change a diocesan policy to allow priests to bless same-gender couples.

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January 9, 2013

Washington National Cathedral to Host Weddings for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Now that both Washington DC and Maryland have both legalized marriage for all loving couples, the National Cathedral, which is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, will perform weddings for gay and lesbian couples. The marriage rite for LGBT members was adopted by the Episcopal Church in 2012, though individual congregations can choose whether or not to implement it.

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LOOK: 13 Maine Newlywed Couples Describe Each Other in One Word

When marriage equality went into effect on December 29 in Maine, asked 13 newlywed same-sex couples to describe each other with one word. See what they came up with!

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What's Cardinal George really en'COURAGE'ing? Illinois media should ask.

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George is getting much media attention for a letter to parishioners in which he condemns civil marriage equality for same-gender couples in the state of Illinois. But there's another element to this story that deserves the same amount of media attention.

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