Marriage Equality

November 26, 2013

Illinois court allows terminally ill lesbian to marry "the love of her life" before she dies

An Illinois state court has granted a temporary restraining order to Vernita Gray and her soon to be wife Patricia Ewert, so the two can get married before the effective date of Illinois' recently signed marriage equality law and before Vernita possibly loses her battle with cancer.

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November 20, 2013

Illinois Governor used Abraham Lincoln's desk to sign marriage equality bill

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the states Marriage Equality Bill into law.

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When research is really "research": A look at the Michigan Four

Testimony against marriage equality in Michigan includes "scholars" whose biases carry more weight than their research

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People Magazine covers terminally ill woman travels across country to marry her partner

People Magazine profiled Lisa Dumaw and Therese Pieper, who made a journey from Boulder, Colorado, to Woodstock, New York, to be legally married before Lisa died of cancer.

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Obama to his home state: "Marriage equality makes me proud, our country stronger"

The president had quite a few words of praise for Hawaii, which earlier this week became the 16th state to welcome marriage equality. PinkNews, Gay Star News, LGBT Weekly, and The Huffington Post are among the many sources sharing his message.

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November 13, 2013

New "We Do" video reveals the incredible results of perseverance

The Campaign Southern Equality released a new video in their ongoing "We Do" campaign. The "We Do" campaign encourages LGBT couples in southern states to apply for marriage licenses in their local counties.
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November 8, 2013

Son of Illinois lawmaker who raced back to support marriage equality passes away

Illinois Rep. Naomi Jakobsson was caring for her son, Garret, who was extremely ill when the marriage equality bill came to a vote. She rushed in and out of the Illinois Capitol to cast her vote. Sorrowfully Rep. Jakobsson's son Garret has passed away at the age of 46.

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