Mark Regnerus

What is Mark Regnerus' new international video project?

Mark Regnerus, who is now infamous in American political circles for his flawed, widely repudiated, far-right-concocted "study" that was designed to slight same-sex parents in order to influence the 2012 elections and the Supreme Court, seems to have international aspirations.

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Mark Regnerus' new "study" tries to prove pro-LGBT Christians are bad

Mark Regnerus came out with a new "study" trying to "prove" that pro-LGBT Christians will lead to an immoral, sexually unrestrained world. Like his first study, Regnerus' new study is clearly motivated by politics as opposed to sophisticated scholarship and contains weak arguments.

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The one where Regnerus, most criticized researcher in recent memory, criticizes others' research

Mark Regnerus has the gall to go after a new Australian study that suggests kids of same-sex parents are doing quite well.

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Add a federal judge to list of people who discredit Mark Regnerus

Today, a judge struck down Michigan's ban on marriage equality, which is a victory in itself. But Judge Bernard A. Friedman also completely ripped apart the testimony of one "expert" witness, Mark Regnerus. Regnerus' thoroughly flawed and discredited "parenting study" has not been able to pass courtroom muster.

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When research is really "research": A look at the Michigan Four

Testimony against marriage equality in Michigan includes "scholars" whose biases carry more weight than their research

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Mark Regnerus was coached to pretend his study wasn't biased

New evidence shows that Mark Regnerus was given media training that specifically outlined how he was to discuss his biased, Witherspoon Institute-funded study to distract from the obvious anti-LGBT bias.

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Rigorous about Regnerus: a case study in bullshit detection

Recently obtained documents reveal that anti-gay activists had big plans for the so-called "study" that claimed that kids of gay couples fare worse than their peers; they were going to try to use it to sway the Supreme Court.

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July 27, 2012

Journal's Editorial Board Member Calls Anti-Gay Paper "Bullsh*t"

A member of the Editorial Board of the journal Social Science Research has slammed a paper that was published in that journal, which garnered some national attention by misleading many to conclude that children of gay and lesbian parents fare worse than children of straight parents.

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