LGBTQ Families Day

A toast to my moms and #LGBTQfamilies on their wedding day

Not many daughters get the opportunity give a wedding toast for their parents. It’s kind of an unusual situation. I can't go the typical route and say, “when I first met Anne and Theresa…I was in the womb. I remember when they were just two young lovebirds, the vague sound of their voices coming through to my amniotic sac.”

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Gay fertility doctor on 20 years of helping to build #LGBTQfamilies

Isn’t it great that all families are not the same? Diverse families help make interesting neighborhoods and communities that serve to enrich our lives. As a fertility specialist, I’ve helped straight couples struggling with infertility, gay men and lesbian women, bisexual people in same-sex relationships, transgender individuals, as well as straight singles, from around the world - to have children of their own.

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GLAAD president accelerates acceptance for #LGBTQfamilies around the country

Closing the gap on full acceptance of LGBT people will not come from legislation or judicial decisions alone, but from a deeper understanding and empathy from Americans themselves.

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A lesbian adoptive mother responds to Catholic bishops' attempt to discriminate against #LGBTQfamilies like hers

We know nearly a dozen other same-sex couples who have also adopted children with special needs, both from the U.S. and abroad. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of others like us across the U.S. The intentionality with which they chose to parent is carried forward into their raising of their daughters and sons. They have done all the things that other parents do, often while facing stigma and a lack of legal stability for their families.

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Two women, a donor, and a caring community: it takes a village to raise #LGBTQfamilies

The long process of preparing for the pregnancy and the pregnancy itself presented several challenges for me and us: starting with searching for a donor, then the conversations with the different doctors at the fertility clinic about all of our options, to issues related to our relationship as a couple, to reflecting on my own role as a mother—the non-gestational mother.

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A family of trans advocates and their tenacious daughter who started it all: an #LGBTQfamilies Day story

Jeanette looks back on how her family grappled with media attention, became dedicated advocates, and strengthened their commitment to unconditional love when they learned their youngest child is trans.

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