November 21, 2013

Methodist pastor vows to continue to support LGBT equality under threat of defrocking

Methodist minister Rev. Frank Schaefer, who was convicted under church law by a jury of Methodist pastors of officiating at his son's marriage to another man, was suspended for thirty days and told he will lose his credentials if he violates any of the church's laws during his suspension.

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Thomas Roberts defends LGBT equality in Moscow

Speaking on the red carpet before hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, gay MSNBC host Thomas Roberts offered words of support to Russia's LGBT population affected by the recent anti-"gay propaganda" laws.

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U.N. General Assembly calls for inclusion during Sochi Olympics

In response to concerns over Russia's anti-LGBT "propaganda" laws enacted last summer, the U.N. General Assembly passed a motion on Wednesday urging Moscow to "promote social inclusion without discrimination" during the Winter Olympics.

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