Katy Butler

GUEST POST: For Celebrate Bisexuality Day, bridge the divide, don't widen it

The divide between lesbians and bisexuals is not a new issue in the LGBT community. Ignorance, fear and lack of acceptance are all issues the LGBT community faces as a whole when advocating for equality but they are also issues that present themselves among each of the letters that make up the LGBT community.

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1.8 million students strong for the film BULLY

GLAAD's Campaigns Intern, Katy Butler, writes a first-hand account of her visit to Washington Hill to share her work with the film BULLY. Her efforts to change the MPAA rating from R to PG13 earned her with a special award from GLAAD in 2012.
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April 5, 2012

MPAA Changes Bully Rating to PG-13, Film Can be Screened in Schools

Following its initial theatrical release as an unrated feature, the documentary Bully has been given a rating of PG-13 from the Motion Picture Association of America, which will allow children under 17 to buy a ticket without parental permission and for the film to be screened in schools as an educational tool.

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March 27, 2012

The Weinstein Company Decides to Release Documentary 'Bully' as Unrated

After weeks of struggle with the Motion Picture Association of America over the rating of the upcoming documentary Bully, The Weinstein Company has decided to release the film as unrated rather than with the “R” rating the MPAA had originally assigned it. Bully will open in select theaters this weekend, on March 30.

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