John Stemberger

Naming the new, decidedly anti-gay Scouts

Tonight, the group that is working to create an explicitly anti-gay version of the Boy Scouts unveils its new moniker. Let's think of some fun possibilities.

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May 23, 2013

GLAAD meets anti-gay activist John Stemberger at FOX News, offers to start dialogue

On the day when the Boy Scouts of America are voting on a proposal that would end the organization's ban on participa

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May 16, 2013

Meet the extremists fighting to keep discrimination in the Boy Scouts

GLAAD released quotes from many of the most prominent figures arguing in the public sphere against allowing gay teens and parents to participate in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), exposing the true motivation behind their efforts: anti-gay animus.

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Equal Scouting opponent says BSA only bans activists; is fibbing

John Stemberger, the man leading the opposition to Boy Scout inclusivity, claims that people are only denied opportunity in the Boy Scouts if they "promote gay activism."

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Take Action: People of faith support Scouting for all people

This evening, the Family Research Council is launching their "Stand with Scouts" webcast. They will attempt to pit people of faith against inclusive Scouting. From the promotional video, we can tell they are going to claim that allowing gay scouts (not to mention gay leaders) will somehow hurt churches, synagogues, and other faith organizations.

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Who gets to claim faith in the Boy Scouts debate?

In the weeks leading up to the Boy Scouts of America's vote on dropping the anti-gay ban, communities of faith are speaking out. The problem for the media covering this is that faith communities are not saying the same thing. Who gets to represent the voice of faith when talking about the Boy Scouts proposed policy change?

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