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October 25, 2013

Scores of LGBT Russians seek asylum in the United States

Russia’s anti-LGBT propoganda laws and growing hostilities towards the LGBT community have caused an upswing in asylum requests in The United States.

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GLAAD and other LGBT groups speak out on immigration reform

GLAAD and other LGBT groups call on Congress to maintain family unity at the heart of immigration reform. The groups support changes to the immigration bill that will provide an accessible pathway to citizenship, and ardently oppose draconian amendments that would make immigrants permanent second-class citizens.

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GLAAD Media Awards en Español: Ricky Martin, El Diario la Prensa Among the Recipients

This past Saturday, 9 recipients in Spanish-language categories were announced at the 23rd annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York. Click here to learn more about the each of the outstanding winners in Spanish-Language categories!

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