Exxon Mobil votes, once again, against progress

Exxon Mobil has once again voted to remain apart from the rest of corporate America when it comes to LGBT equality.

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Following Senator Mark Kirk's Marriage Support, Media can no Longer Treat Issue as Partisan

US Senator Mark Kirk, R-Ill., declared his support for marriage equality this week, offering yet more proof that the issue is now a truly bipartisan one

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March 20, 2013

Illinois media must hold Jeanne Ives accountable for anti-gay comments

Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives, who called gay relationships "completely disordered," now says her comments are being "misinterpreted." Will the media let her get away with this?

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What Illinois lawmakers will (and won't) hear this afternoon

This afternoon at 4pm central time, when they gather to hear testimony on the marriage bill, would Illinois lawmakers be interested to learn what of the people testifying before them ACTUALLY thinks about gay people?

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Illinois paper gets it right; connects 'change' advocacy to IL's equality opponents

The News-Gazette accurately challenges "ex-gay advocacy" and uncovers how it's really a ploy to oppose marriage equality in Illinois.

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Programming note: Illinois' top marriage equality opponent shows true agenda

Beginning tonight and continuing throughout next week, viewers across the Chicagoland area will get a chance to watch

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February 15, 2013

Illinois Media Short on Pro-LGBT Faith Voices, Fact-Checks

Illinois state senate approved a marriage equality bill on Valentine's Day, which now moves to the House. While IL media quoted lots of anti-gay voices of faith, very few pro-gay voices of faith were given a platform.

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February 13, 2013

Religion News Summary: New Pope, and Lots of Other Catholic News

This week's religion news summary has a lot of Catholic things: the Pope's resigning, another principal got fired for supporting marriage equality, and the bishops continue to wrestle with LGBT inclusion and immigration reform.

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