Costs of Anti-Trans Discrimination: Trans People Speak To CNN Money

Today, CNNMoney.com is featuring the voices of transgender people facing inordinate financial burdens through unemployment, healthcare costs and homelessness, just because of who they are.

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Why the Media Should Care About LGBT Youth Who Are Homeless

A new report has been released that sheds light on youth who are LGBT and homeless, and GLAAD is calling on the media to bring more attention to this epidemic, the unique problems that such teens and young adults face, and potential solutions, as outlined in the report.

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Cyndi Lauper Fights Homelessness, Empowers Youth with Forty to None Project

The Forty to None Project, the first national organization to focus solely on youth homelessness and its impact on youth who are LGBT, was launched on Tuesday by the True Colors Fund, according to its Executive Director and co-founder Gregory Lewis.

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Homeless LGBT Youth Program Featured on PBS' Need to Know

In a segment on this week's Need to Know, the PBS news broadcast examines the epidemic of homelessness that LGBT youth experience and shares the stories of LGBT adults opening their homes and families to LGBT youth.
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February 25, 2010

Sassafras Lowrey's Kicked Out Anthology Shares Stories of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

International award-winning artist, former homeless youth, and former GLAAD Young Adult Media Fellow Sassafras Lowre
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November 19, 2009

What Does Transgender Day of Remembrance Mean To You? - Sassafras Lowrey

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