Air Force Academy recruits 'ex-gay' counselor; totally prepared for any wars necessitating snake oil

Why does the Air Force need a counselor whose primary mission is to promote forced changes in sexual orientation.

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Why the anti-LGBT movement should fear greater TV representation

Brent Bozell and FRC head Tony Perkins seem to believe that their anti-LGBT extremism might have a fighting chance, if only they had some fictional counterparts populating sitcoms and dramas.

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'The Hill' runs FRC's opinion, helps push factually inaccurate smears

Whenever you hear that Cathy Ruse and Peter Sprigg have managed to place a commentary in a mainstream news outlet like The Hill, you know it's going to be a biased piece that seeks to say whatever it can to justify the obviously anti-LGBT stance that is ingrained within the commentators.

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Bryan Fischer calls GLAAD 'sinister,' 'evil'; GLAAD clearly doing something right

Did you know that by reading this site, you are in a "sinister partnership with nefarious forces" and "part of an evil conspiracy"? Well if radical anti-LGBT activist Bryan Fischer is to be believed, you totally are.

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The American Family Association agenda in its founder's own words

When the American Family Association protests the label as an anti-LGBT organization, it should look to its own founder and its basic principles to see why that label fits so well.

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Fox News' Todd Starnes claims AFA is simply a 'a well-respected Christian ministry'

Fox News' Todd Starnes is seriously trying to position the American Family Association, one of the most openly and proudly anti-LGBT organizations around, as simply a Christian ministry.

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The Values Voter Summit is bringing anti-LGBT extremism back to the fore

Some of the most anti-LGBT voices have cleared a portion of their weekend calendars so that they can show up to speak and participate in the so-called Values Voter Summit, an annual production of the Family Research Council.

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The modern anti-LGBT movement: Attacking happy parents, children

The anti-LGBT movement has gone well beyond the bounds of politics, and, increasingly, have become a movement built around personal denigration.

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UPDATED: Tony Perkins got another job running law enforcement in Louisiana. What could go wrong?

Tony Perkins has an additional feather in his cap: the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement. Perkins was appointed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to the commission that will train and shape how the police in the state operate, specifically in regard to LGBT people.

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September 24, 2013

Snapshots: KOKUMO, Pope Francis, The New Black, and more!

Wonder what we’re up to at GLAAD? Be sure to check out GLAAD's Blog each week for updates about our latest work to build support for LGBT equality through news, entertainment and online media.

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