This week: Two state marriage rallies to feature extreme speakers

Indiana and Utah will both host anti-marriage equality rallies. Both programs feature anti-LGBT activists who have said some of the most jaw-dropping things about LGBT people.

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Mark Burnett gives 'Voice' to insidious anti-LGBT coalition

Why is one of the biggest TV producers in America, Mark Burnett, and his actress wife, Roma Downey, signing up to lead a new coalition right alongside four of the most extreme anti-LGBT activists?

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On night feedings, diaper changes, and vicious political attacks

Jeremy Hooper examines how having a child has dramatically changed his LGBT advocacy work. He's not just advocating for himself. He's advocating for her.

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Brian Brown extends his anti-LGBT activism across the globe

New evidence suggests that Brian, losing so fully and clearly here at home, is planning to make an even bigger push onto the international stage.

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CNN gives Tony Perkins another chance to peddle his 'salacious propaganda'

Tony Perkins was on CNN again, using rhetorical acrobatics to connect the Utah ruling on the religious freedom of straight people to the LGBT community.

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Bryan Fischer, for the record, does not think LGBT people should be burned in ovens

A Russian actor, Ivan Okhlobystin, recently said that LGBT people should be burned in ovens. Bryan Fischer backed away from that comment, but Jeremy Hooper calls him on his role in creating such violent rhetoric.

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Parade of nonsense: On the 'Kinky Boots' non-controversy

The American Family Association has led a multi-platform, multi-spokesperson rhetorical assault against the decorated musical, Kinky Boots, its costuming, and its themes of acceptance.

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