Randy Thomasson's horrific anti-transgender CNN interview (and follow up) proves he is CAP-worthy

No one should be even mildly shocked to hear Randy Thomasson delberately misgendering a human being in an on-air debate. Thanks to CAP, no outlet has to be surprised the next time they book Thomasson or any number of voices

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After comparing loving committed couples to kidnap and sexual assault, Sandy Rios earns spot on Commentator Accountability Project

Her prominence has ebbed and flowed over the years, but her commitment to stigmatizing LGBT people has remained. And now, with her latest comments connecting gay male affection with the "love" that convicted rapist and kidnapper Ariel Castro had for his victims, Sandy Rios is the latest addition to GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project.

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GLAAD to Donald Trump: Tell the Family Leadership Summit that being gay is not a public health risk

Donald Trump is headlining the Family Leadership Summit, appearing along side a who's-who of anti-LGBT leaders. Will he fall in line, or will he be the voice of reason in the room?

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Harry Jackson thinks he's found Hollywood's big secret: Fake gays

Harry Jackson takes on Margaret Cho, and others like her who support LGBT equality. He can't, however, find a good argument to support the idea of LGBT discrimination.

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If you can't beat 'em, call 'em 'cheaters'

Frank Schubert's latest take on the Proposition 8 legal case might be the biggest bout of sore-loserdom you've ever witnessed from an anti-LGBT commentator.

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Forget merely anti-gay: FRC is a pro-'reorientation' organization

Peter Sprigg doesn't want an evangelical school to tolerate its LGBT students. Rather, he's calling for "ex-gay" class on campus.

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