Bryan Fischer's statements prove a liability for American Family Association, cost him his high-profile job

Bryan Fischer, whose inflammatory statements have been documented through GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project, has gone too far for his employer, the American Family Association (AFA). Leaders of the AFA shared with the Rachel Maddow show that he should no longer be referred to as the Director of Issues Analysis for the organization.

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Scott Lively claims homosexuality worse than mass murder 'from God's perspective'

Notorious anti-LGBT activist and recent Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively is doubling down on recent claims that homosexuality is worse than genocide.

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NOM solicits participation, deletes GLAAD staffer's most 'liked' comment

GLAAD's Director of Communications, Seth Adam's comment in favor of his friends Cooper and Todd rose to the top of the National Organization for Marriage's Facebook request to submit the names of couples with inspiring marriages.
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Former NOM senior staffer: LGBT 'ideology' is 'impossible, irrational, and it's going to be deadly'

She wants to be clear that she doesn't "necessarily think they're going to go around murdering people." But Jennifer Roback Morse is insistent that the "ideology" behind LGBT rights will, in fact, devolve into outright "mayhem."

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#Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill

For the next two days, various high offices of the Roman Catholic church is holding a conference that they call The Complementarity of Man and Woman: An International Colloquium.

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#IStandSunday riles up anti-LGBT crowd in Houston with same old anti-LGBT leaders

Last night in Houston was an event that prominent social conservatives called "I Stand Sunday." Essentially the event, held at Houston's Grace Community Church, was a thinly veiled get-out-the-vote rally ahead of Tuesday's election, meant to inspire like-minds across the nation to show up at the polls and "take your country back."

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'The War on Christmas' mirrors anti-LGBT movement's current playbook

Jeremy Hooper finds the similarities between the so-called "war on Christmas" and continued discrimination against LGBT people.

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Restating #GLAADCAP's purpose in hopes critics might actually listen

We still come across daily examples of anti-LGBT social conservatives misrepresenting GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project, its tone, its intent, and its purpose.

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