February 20, 2014

GaymerX2 gets a Kickstarter

GaymerX is back! GaymerX is a gaming convention for LGBTQ geeks.

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October 3, 2013

Microsoft Apologizes to Transgender Journalist Humiliated at Gaming Expo

Transgender journalist and gamer Laura Kate Dale was completely dehumanized at an Xbox One event during the Eurogamer

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Filmmaker Anne Clements Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New LGBT Gaming Documentary Featuring GaymerConnect

Filmmaker Anne Clements in conjunctions with GaymerConnect, the first convention dedicated to LGBT gaming culture, is using Kickstarter to fund the production of a documentary titled Gayming in Color: Queers and Gaymers of the Pixelated World. The documentary will explore LGBTQ presence in the gaming community, and tell the story of the creators of GaymerConnect.

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