Frank Schubert

NOM political director's latest should offend many

Frank Schubert is seeking a political wedge or scandal that he thinks will help him score political points against the marriage equality movement by making comparisons to make it seem like there is going to be a more controversial element to come

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Snapshots: trans theology professor, adoption advocacy, diversity in the media, and more

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Frank Schubert - another year, another anti-LGBT agenda

Following the many recent victories for marriage equality at the state and federal levels, anti-LGBT activists are now finding other ways to profit off of inequality – working against protections for transgender youth.

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If you can't beat 'em, call 'em 'cheaters'

Frank Schubert's latest take on the Proposition 8 legal case might be the biggest bout of sore-loserdom you've ever witnessed from an anti-LGBT commentator.

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NY Times profiles Frank Schubert; here's what they skipped

The New York Times published a profile of anti-gay campaign architect Frank Schubert, but it fails to hold him accountable for the speech and actions of those he has tasked with carrying out his campaigns.

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