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The Benham Brothers get ready for the Family Leadership Summit: 'Gay agenda' is 'evil, wrong, needs to be dealt with'

The Family Leadership Summit is using the star power of the Benham Brothers, who have gone on record to state that the LGBT movement "seeks to capture the nation" and is "evil, and wrong, and needs to be dealt with."

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GLAAD to Donald Trump: Tell the Family Leadership Summit that being gay is not a public health risk

Donald Trump is headlining the Family Leadership Summit, appearing along side a who's-who of anti-LGBT leaders. Will he fall in line, or will he be the voice of reason in the room?

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Story to Watch: Anti-Gay Groups Launch Campaign in Iowa Senate Race

The National Organization for Marriage, the activist group "The Family Leader," and the consulting firm The Concordia Group, have launched a new anti-gay campaign in the 18th District Senate race in Iowa.

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