July 9, 2015

Five up and coming LGBT Latino & allied artists

For years, the underground has been a place where musicians can develop their talents and fans find their favorite ni

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Venezuelan PSA uses fun message to challenge homophobia

A great new PSA by Fundacion Reflejos in Venezuela uses a fun message to challenge homophobia. The video and related hashtag #Nosoydistint@ (#Iamnodifferent) are designed to remind viewers that people should not be treated differently because they are LGBT.
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Two women, one daughter, a beautiful island and a big struggle for equality

Yolando Arroyo Pizarro and Zulma Oliveras Vega are one of the Puerto Rican couples in the case before the court hoping to bring marriage equality to the island. The two have been together for six years and are raising their 16 year old daughter.

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