Ricky Martin Says 'We're Born This Way' to Univision, GLAAD Tells Network 'Do Better'

On Jan. 31, popular nighttime newsmagazine Aquí y Ahora featured a severely unbalanced segment on so-called “ex-gay” conversion therapies. GLAAD has reached out to Aquí y Ahora to apologize and commit to doing a segment that provides the balance sorely lacking in the recent segment and that explains the harm done by so-called “reparative therapies.”

Grupos LGBT y de Mujeres en Ecuador Impulsan Campaña Contra Centros de Tortura “Ex Gay”

Está ganando impulso y atención internacional una campaña impulsada por grupos de mujer y LGBT en Ecuador que está exigiendo al gobierno federal el cierre de más de 200 centros de tortura "ex gay" cuyos víctimas han mayormente sido mujeres lesbianas. Para más información, visite las peticiones de Fundación Causana y de AllOut para impulsar al gobierno federal ecuatoriano a tomar las medidas necesarias.

LGBT and Women's Groups in Ecuador Campaign Against "Ex-Gay" Torture Centers

A campaign by women’s and LGBT groups in Ecuador seeking the closure of 200 "ex-gay" torture centers whose victims have mostly been lesbians is quickly gaining momentum as well as international attention. For more information, please visit Fundación Causana and AllOut’s petitions available in both English and Spanish to get the Ecuadorian federal government to take action.


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