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LGBT en Español: Visibilidad de jóvenes transgénero, controversia de Ricky Martin en Honduras y telenovelas gays

En esta edición de LGBT en Español, abordamos la cobertura en medios en español de jóvenes transgénero, la controversia de Ricky Martin con el gobierno de Honduras, tramas incluyentes en telenovelas, ¡y más!

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LGBT en Español: Transgender Youth Visibility, Ricky Martin's Honduran Controversy and Gay Telenovelas

In this edition of LGBT en Español, we look at Spanish-language coverage of transgender youth. Ricky Martin's controversy with the Honduran government, inclusive storylines in telenovelas and more!

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Tell Guanabee.com You're Not Laughing/Dile a guanabee.com que no te estás riendo

The site guanabee.com recently published a post that included the line “Eva Longoria confronts a bitchy queen who fags out on her.” GLAAD reached out to explain how words and sentiments like these are used to bully LGBT youth in schools and how often these words accompany anti-gay violence. Rather than set an example and stand with LGBT readers, guanabee is defending the post.

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