Dra. Nancy Alvarez

Nancy Alvarez: Please Stop Sharing Your Inaccurate Theories in Media, You are Hurting People

In an interview with AOL Latino, Dr. Nancy Alvarez, a self-described sexologist who uses the term “Dr.” and former host of a popular daytime program on Univision, expressed the idea that people are made gay by “mistakes made by their parents.” GLAAD responded with a column today on AOLLatino.com

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LGBT en Español: Paparazzi Magazine contra el Acoso Escolar, Caso Cerrado Combate la Discriminación, y Novela con Trama Gay

En esta edición de LGBT en Español, se examina la cobertura de temas LGBT en Paparazzi Magazine. También cómo Caso Cerrado trató a casos de discriminación y la trama gay de una telenovela.

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LGBT en Español: Paparazzi Magazine’s Anti-Bullying Message, Court Show Fights Discrimination, and Gay Story Line in Novela

In this edition of LGBT en Español, we look at Paparazzi Magazine’s coverage of LGBT issues and people. Also, Caso Cerrado deals with cases of discrimination, and a telenovela includes a gay storyline.

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