VIDEO: Meet some LGBT homeless youth and help give them a hand

Last week we introduced you to Road to Home, a documentary currently in production that will explore the crisis of youth homelessness in New York City.

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Documentary film to explore the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness

Road to Home, a documentary exploring the crisis of youth homelessness in New York City, is currently in production.

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Breaking Through tells the story of LGBT people and public service

Breaking Through is a documentary that explores the lives and careers of LGBT policymakers like Senator Tammy Baldwin and former Congressman Barney Frank, as well as county commissioners and local judges.

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Change starts with summer camp: Joaquin Phoenix to produce CAMP: The Documentary

Be More Heroic (BMH) and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding (RPCP) are partnering with Joaquin Phoenix to produce CAMP: The Documentary.

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VIDEO: Limited Partnership follows the story of a binational gay couple married in 1975

Thankfully, we can learn from our history and ultimately shape the way we regard our future. One such documentary, Limited Partnership, details Richard Adams's and Anthony Sullivan's relationship and their inspiring commitment to achieve marriage equality in the United States.

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Trans actress Laverne Cox to executive produce trans youth documentary with MTV and Logo

Orange Is the New Black star and GLAAD Media Award honoree Laverne Cox will executive produce and host an upcoming documentary on transgender youth, as reported by BuzzFeed.

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VIDEOS: The Revival movie featuring LGBT female artists of color is unlike anything you've seen before

Demonstrating the true abilities of grassroots storytelling, THE REVIVAL has exceeded their fundraising goal and will complete the so-far excellent film, Women and the Word: The Revival Movie.

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November 4, 2013

Watch the trailer for Pier Kids: The Life, and help fund the film

A new documentary film, Pier Kids: The Life, follows the life of DeSean, Casper, and Krystal. All three were kicked out of their home because of their sexuality yet they found a community and created strong family bonds on the streets of the west village.

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TransParent documentary tells truth about Shelley Hilliard and Detroit trans community

This week, the $30,000 fundraising goal for activists Dream Hampton and Natasha Miller's documentary film TransParent was reached on

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New Documentary hopes to Explore the Coming Out Process for LGBT Identifying Athletes

Documentarian Michiel Thomas explores the coming out process for for LGBT athletes through film, and hopes that his new project will provide the opportunity to give answers to the questions of stereotypes and misunderstandings about being an LGBT-identifying person in sports.

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