Finding Home: Web series chronicles LGBTQ refugees

Finding Home is a documentary web series following LGBTQ immigrants seeking asylum in Los Angeles. The series is directed by Abraham Troen, a Davis Peace Prize winner who has worked on previous film projects promoting human rights.The series chronicles the difficulties of belonging in a society where love and acceptance are conditional.

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"REAL BOY" documentary about young trans musician launches Kickstarter

"REAL BOY," a documentary about a young trans musician, launches a Kickstarter to finalize this coming-of-age film.

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VIDEO: Documentarians release lost Harry Hay interview

Award winning filmmakers and real life partners Dawn Logsdon and Lucie Faulknor are crowdfunding their latest project, Free for All: Inside the Public Library.

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WATCH: Trans model Andreja Pejic launches Kickstarter for feature-length documentary

Less than two months after coming out as transgender, international fashion model Andreja Pejic announced fundraising plans for a feature-length documentary about her life.

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VIDEO: Documentary reveals persecution faced by young LGBT Jamaicans

UK’s VICE News released a short documentary about life in Jamaica for LGBT youth, titled “Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens.”

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July 28, 2014

Katina Parker tells the truth about queer black visionaries in new documentary Truth. Be.Told

Longtime filmmaker, communications consultant and fomer GLAAD staffer, Katina Parker has launched Truth. Be.

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"Connected": New documentary web series capturing the lives of New Yorkers seeks cast members

An innovative documentary series, "Connected," gives five people cameras to create a video diary for six months. The show is currently seeking people to apply as cast members.

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"From Selma to Stonewall": New Documentary exploring the relationship between the Civil Rights and LGBTQ Equality movements seeks funding

The LGBTQ Equality movement is often called the new civil rights movement, but how true is that claim? Are the two movements similar, or are they fundamentally different? Do they have the same goals? Why are they often in conflict with one another? A new documentary, "From Selma to Stonewall," explores these questions through the journey of two unlikely friends – Gil Caldwell, an 80-year-old black, straight retired preacher and civil rights leader, and Marilyn Bennet, a 52-year-old white lesbian activist and author.

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