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Georgia changes policy on gender-affirming medical care for trans inmates

Officials in Georgia have revoked a blanket policy addressing medical treatment for transgender inmates. The decision comes after the Department of Justice backed a lawsuit filed by Ashley Diamond, a trans inmate, seeking restoration of hormone therapy. There is still more to be done for trans prisoners.

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Department of Justice supports gender-affirming medical care for trans inmates

The Department of Justice released a statement in support of Ashley Diamond, a transgender inmate in Georgia. The statement says that Ms. Diamond and all other trans prisoners deserve access to medically necessary gender-affirming care.
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Department of Justice launches nationwide training to better serve trans community

The US Department of Justice trained law enforcement officers in best practices for serving the transgender community, for the first time ever, last week. Similar trainings will take place for local police departments throughout the country.

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January 21, 2010

Department of Justice Intervenes in Title IX Lawsuit over Anti-Gay Bullying

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