David Benham

#IStandSunday riles up anti-LGBT crowd in Houston with same old anti-LGBT leaders

Last night in Houston was an event that prominent social conservatives called "I Stand Sunday." Essentially the event, held at Houston's Grace Community Church, was a thinly veiled get-out-the-vote rally ahead of Tuesday's election, meant to inspire like-minds across the nation to show up at the polls and "take your country back."

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Questions we'd like reporters to ask at the Values Voter Summit

Typically, the media portrays the Values Voters Summit as little more than a right-leaning political gathering. The truth is that the Values Voters Summit has an assembled roster that deserves accountability for their actions.

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The Benham Brothers get ready for the Family Leadership Summit: 'Gay agenda' is 'evil, wrong, needs to be dealt with'

The Family Leadership Summit is using the star power of the Benham Brothers, who have gone on record to state that the LGBT movement "seeks to capture the nation" and is "evil, and wrong, and needs to be dealt with."

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HGTV will not move forward on "Flip It Forward" reality series from anti-LGBT activists David and Jason Benham

HGTV announced today they will not move forward with the reality series Flip It Forward starring virulent anti-LGBT activist David Benham and his twin brother Jason.

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