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October 22, 2012

CNN's Carol Costello declares she is "proud, card-carrying member" of so-called "gay gestapo"

Last week, CNN's Carol Costello hosted a segment about the anti-gay American Family Association's protest of Southern Poverty Law Center's "Mix it up at lunch day" - because of AFA's bizarre claim that encouraging kids to make new friends promotes some kind of "gay agenda."
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CNN's Carol Costello challenges Bryan "the Nazis were gay" Fischer

Personally, I see a CNN anchor holding a noted voice of extremism accountable for just one of his many acts of verbal aggression plucked from one of his man years of targeted hostilty.
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Modern families still face denigration

Sunday's Emmy awards reminded us all of how today's America values families like Mitchell and Cam from "Modern Family." But what do anti-LGBT activists have to say about these families?

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Linda Harvey's New Project: Opposing Bullying by Bullying LGBT Youth

Usually, people opposed to bullying refrain from engaging in it, but not Linda Harvey. Recently, the known anti-LGBT crusader launched a youth-oriented anti-bullying flier. Only instead of filling it with information to encourage youth to be more accepting of diversity, she explains all the ways in which being LGBT is wrong and bad.

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August 23, 2012

LGBT community responds to Family Research Council's finger-pointing

GLAAD has joined calls from leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates in urging media to report critically on responses from anti-LGBT organizations including the Family Research Council (FRC) and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) following a shooting at FRC headquarters last week.

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Guest Post: Chick-fil-A response is #GLAADCAP deja vu

When GLAAD launched the Commentator Accountability Project back in March, well over half of the folks whose own words are collected by the project publicly responded to their inclusion.

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GUEST POST: Maggie and Keith Vs. Facts and Reality

NOM's Maggie Gallagher doesn't want Fox News commentator Keith Ablow to be "Silenced" - so let's do the opposite, and talk about all the thing's he's said.

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July 20, 2012

GLAAD Launching More State-Level CAP Profiles

With marriage equality going before voters in four states this November, GLAAD has announced it will create local Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) profiles for anti-gay activists in all four states, beginning with those working in Maine.

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