The case for LGBT acceptance resonates among evangelical leaders

With nascent ally voices like that of Tony Campolo coupled with the refined advocacy from people like Matthew Vines, the arch of the evangelical community indeed now slowly curves towards LGBT acceptance.

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The Reformation Project presents opportunity to reframe LGBT and Christian conversation

What's the importance of a conference like The Reformation Project? It's not the first conference of LGBT Christians and their allies, but it comes at a critical time.

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TJ Montoya talks Christianity, the bible, and being gay.

TJ Montoya, an 18 year-old senior at Seattle University, has created a 10-minute long video that takes on his identity as a gay Christian and goes directly into the bible, clearing up misconceptions about what the bible has to say about LGBT people.

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This video should make every Christian cringe. What do we do about it?

A video making its way through the internet depicts one of the worst coming out experiences one can have. We hear a mother start with "I love you," and move quickly to kicking her son out of her home, to attacking and beating him.

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Jessica Alba on her faith and being an ally

Jessica Alba revealed her true motivation for leaving the church during a candid interview with The Daily Beast on Monday.

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Mark Regnerus' new "study" tries to prove pro-LGBT Christians are bad

Mark Regnerus came out with a new "study" trying to "prove" that pro-LGBT Christians will lead to an immoral, sexually unrestrained world. Like his first study, Regnerus' new study is clearly motivated by politics as opposed to sophisticated scholarship and contains weak arguments.

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Faith leaders urge President Obama to minimize religious exemption for protection against LGBT discrimination

On July 8, over a hundred high-level faith leaders from diverse religious traditions signed and sent a letter to President Obama, urging him to minimize religious exemptions in his upcoming executive order protecting LGBT people from discrimination.

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Is the marriage equality debate causing religious congregations to split? The research says no

In the strong religious disputes over marriage equality, many claims arise that these issues cause schisms within congregations and split up religious communities. How accurate are these speculations? A recent Huffington Post article takes up the question and congregates the scholarly research on the subject, and concludes that, actually, debates involving marriage equality and issues of sexuality affect local congregations very little.

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Religion News Summary - June 13, 2014

Anti-trans but pro-gay Baptists, Methodist church may officially split over marriage equality, lots of projects reconciling faith and being LGBTQ, and more.

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