Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer, for the record, does not think LGBT people should be burned in ovens

A Russian actor, Ivan Okhlobystin, recently said that LGBT people should be burned in ovens. Bryan Fischer backed away from that comment, but Jeremy Hooper calls him on his role in creating such violent rhetoric.

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Bryan Fischer calls GLAAD 'sinister,' 'evil'; GLAAD clearly doing something right

Did you know that by reading this site, you are in a "sinister partnership with nefarious forces" and "part of an evil conspiracy"? Well if radical anti-LGBT activist Bryan Fischer is to be believed, you totally are.

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The American Family Association agenda in its founder's own words

When the American Family Association protests the label as an anti-LGBT organization, it should look to its own founder and its basic principles to see why that label fits so well.

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Fox News' Todd Starnes claims AFA is simply a 'a well-respected Christian ministry'

Fox News' Todd Starnes is seriously trying to position the American Family Association, one of the most openly and proudly anti-LGBT organizations around, as simply a Christian ministry.

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Because they blog *against* our families

Just because the LGBT blogosphere is spending the day talking about the realities of LGBT families, doesn't mean that anti-LGBT activists have stopped spreading misinformation.

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Is Bryan Fischer the leader of our 'talk radio nation'?

Bryan Fischer's inflammatory and anti-gay rhetoric is being used to define America's conservative viewpoints in the eyes of the world - and this is something that conservatives should be worried about.
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November 26, 2012

Take Action Against Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill

Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill is still in play, and its connection to American Evangelical leaders has become clearer. Scott Lively, who is profiled on GLAAD’s CAP page, led an “anti-homosexuality” conference in Kampala, Uganda in 2009. He is now taking credit for much of the bill in an article published on World Net Daily. At the time of the conference, Lively was heavily criticized by the international community for meeting directly with Ugandan government officials and pushing for what has become known as the “Kill the Gays” bill.

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