Bisexual Health Awareness Month

Bisexual Health Awareness Month focuses on relationship safety and intimate partner violence

Bisexual Health Awareness Month kicked off with a look at "Mental Health & Biphobia," including the top 10 health concerns for people who are bi, followed by "Sexual Health" and "Nutrition & Movement." Now, BRC is closing out the month with a look at "Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence."

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PHOTOS: Honest portraits of the bisexual community in The New York Times

In a piece called "The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists," The New York Times Magazine explores prevalent stigma against the bisexual community as they work to defend their existence. Included is a portrait series of people who are bisexual, accompanied by stories of their own experiences. Here's a sample

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A look at safer sex and healthy living for bi men and women

The month kicked off with a look at "Mental Health & Biphobia," including the top 10 health concerns for people who are bi. Now, BRC is bringing "Sexual Health" and "Nutrition & Movement" to the forefront.

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Snapshots: Bringing stories from the ground to the forefront, bi health awareness, speaking with Cal State Fullerton, and more

Wonder what we’re up to at GLAAD? Be sure to check out GLAAD's Blog each week for updates about our latest work to build support for LGBT equality through news, entertainment, and online media.

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Top 10 health concerns for bisexuals and other things you need to know this week

This week of Bisexual Health Awareness Month centers around "Mental Health & Biphobia," and the Bisexual Resource Center has released sharable infographics exploring this topic.

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"Bi the way, our health matters too!" – It's Bisexual Health Awareness Month!

Today officially marks the kick-off of Bisexual Health Awareness Month, brought to you by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC). This year's theme, "Bi the Way, Our Health Matters Too!", will address disparities in physical and mental health facing the bisexual community. Created by the US' oldest nationally-focused bi organization, Bisexual Health Awareness Month is the first social media campaign to address this topic.

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